Why Choose eSquare

School Management is ripe for technological disruption and eSquare aims to play a key role

New age & Easy-to-Use

  • Our solution is intuitive, new age, built for the mobile generation and social media friendly. It is very easy to use and share, like popular social-media platforms
  • Hence, it doesn’t really need ‘training’. Adoption rates for our solution have always been high, as teachers, students, parents, admin etc. find it simple to use
  • It is cloud based, and can be accessed any time anywhere, with no time lags
  • Users can also access via our intuitive and easy to navigate mobile app

Powerfully solves Unique User Needs

  • Built on the latest technology, fundamental needs of all stakeholders are powerfully addressed to deliver better real-time transparency and actionable insights. It has been built by/with practitioners, not in a lab.
  • With dedicated portals, for Parents, Students, Teachers, Principal, Management/Owner and Administration, it uniquely brings all stakeholders together and dramatically improves connectedness.
  • Clever alerts and reminders act as "Smart Assistant" to every teacher, parent, student, principal and management.
  • Not tied to one laptop or server based terminals. Teachers/students/parents/users can access at their convenience and comfort.

Integrated Yet Modular

  • Integrated offering unlike any other in the market. With 80+ modules and 250+ features eSquare covers all aspects of school management from the basic to the sophisticated in one integrated platform.
  • A one-stop-shop for all needs of the user.
  • Each school is different - You can design your own solution. Adding, changing modules later is easy, and you pay for what you use.
  • The solution is platform agnostic – can work with any existing platform in the school.

Builds on the Science of Data

  • We harness the power of data driven insights and analytics for real time decision making and exception handling, unlike any other solution in the market today.
  • Tailored dashboards, alerts and analytics, give unparalleled insights, enabling better monitoring and supervision (internal and external). With one-click principals/teachers can engage with wide audiences.
  • Given our robust data handling infrastructure, schools can rapidly address local Government/Regulator needs with customized on-demand reports/insights.

High Calibre Support

  • Our locally available technical and support team is multilingual and of high calibre. Our engineers have specializations in computer science, electronics etc and are from high pedigree institutions. We also have specialist data analysts with expertise in managing/migrating data.
  • We take responsibility for ensuring seamless migration. This includes systematic planning and detailed implementation schedules, covering the full process from Day 1 to ‘go-live’.
  • We are always available as we are locally present. We have locally based technical support.
  • Our professional and multilingual team are committed to continuous support and ongoing training to ensure your school fully benefits from adopting our solution

Language Advantage

  • Available with a 100% Arabic interface.
  • Can easily be localized/adapted to any regional language.
  • Choice to dynamically shift across languages.

Data Security

  • We adopt an open-play approach where the dedicated cloud server is contracted directly in the school’s name. Unlike local/regional solutions that ‘lock’ historical data within their solution, we believe that data should always remain in full control of the school.
  • Choice of cloud server providers all of whom adhere to the latest and best data security protocols.
  • No worry for manual back-up as new-age features of auto backups are available. This ensures data is always secure.

Value For Money

Real savings: Our schools have demonstrated substantial direct (e.g. paper, printing, stationery) and indirect savings (e.g. teacher time, admin effort). One UAE school demonstrated savings of 1-2% of annual tuition fees.

No need for infra investments: Schools need not worry about large capex investments, AMCs or recruiting tech-support teams. Makes cutting edge tech affordable: Flexible “per-student-per-month” subscription pricing.

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Real Savings