About the Company

We aspire to transform education by empowering schools using new age thinking, the science of data and simple tools with social media inspired interfaces.

Even with existing facilities & curriculum, we believe there is opportunity to substantially improve efficiency and performance outcomes by:

  • Bringing all stakeholders (Parent, Teacher, Student, Principal, Owner) onto one integrated platform, enabling unparalleled connectedness and hence engagement at higher levels.
  • Reducing manually intensive work loads and giving precious time back to what teachers are best at doing – teaching!
  • Radically simplifying the art of school management by using new age science & tech enabled assistance.

Parents, teachers, students and management still seem to rely on manually intensive or technologically inefficient processes in 80-90% of K-12 schools.

We are founded and backed by well recognized professionals and industry leaders from the GCC and around the world, who are passionate about making a difference in education.

We are one of the fastest growing ED-tech companies in the region, with one of the highest adoption & usage rates. We are a GESS innovation award nominee for March 2016 and have spent 3-4 years in extensive research in building our practical, simple, and powerful solution.


Our purpose is to 'empower education' in the region and beyond. Technological revolution and shifts around the new sharing-economy paradigm will disrupt traditional thinking around managing schools, as it has disrupted other industries, and we aspire to be at the forefront.

On the social side, our purpose is also to help bring affordable technology to schools and students that are off-the-grid or otherwise underserved.