Why Choose eSquare

With 20+ categories, 80+ modules and 250+ features, our solution helps manage all aspects of the school easily


Easy To Use

Intuitive, new age, built for the mobile generation and social media friendly, it doesn’t need ‘training’.

Unique User Needs

Built on the latest technology, fundamental needs of all stakeholders are powerfully addressed.

Modular Solution

With 80+ modules it is an offering unlike any other in the market. Adding, changing modules later is easy.

Science of Data

Tailored dashboards, alerts and analytics, give unparalleled insights, enabling better monitoring and supervision.

High Calibre Support

Our locally available technical and support team is multilingual and of high calibre. We take full responsibility.

Language Advantage

Our solution can easily be localized/adapted to any regional language and is already available with a 100% Arabic interface.

Data Security

Data always remains in full control of the school. New-age features of auto-backups and best security protocols give peace of mind.

Real Savings

Our schools have demonstrated substantial direct (e.g. paper, printing, stationery) and indirect savings (e.g. teacher time,admin effort).

Our Innovative Solution

With 20+ categories, 80+ modules and 250+ features, our solution helps manage all aspects of the school easily

  • ERP
  • Academic management
  • Student safety and security
  • Best-of-Breed access
  • Parent/Student Engagement
  • Smart Admin Panel
  • Fees and Invoicing
  • Learning Management
  • Integrated communicator
  • 100% Arabic Interface
  • Simplifying teacher’s life
  • Regulatory Inspection and Reporting
  • CRM
  • Discipline and Behaviour
  • Smart Controls
  • Collaborative learning
  • Real time insight to Management/Owner
  • Management Reports

New modules are released every month. Additional 20+ modules are planned for launch during the next 12 months.

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How We Enable You

Our school management system brings Parents, Students, Teachers, Principal, and all other stakeholders together under one platform to significantly simplify, improve, and ease connectivity and enable collaborative work.

By reducing manually intensive work we enable teachers to do what they are best at doing i.e. imparting knowledge. Our solution is cloud based so stakeholders can access it any time anywhere, with no time lags.

  • Parents
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Principal
  • Administrators
  • Owners

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